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    data-name="Men's Custom Rose Wood Watch DW103" data-url="" data-image-url="//" data-description="<p>A simple but powerfully designed Rose Wood Watch like this timepiece makes the best fashionable accessory if you can carry it with confidence – show others how you can become a style icon!<br><br>Did you know this exotic hardwood is sustainable sourced? Top grade rosewood has been used to craft this awesome timepiece so it is durable and resilient. This type of wooden watch is long-lasting due to its strong resistance to decay. Every watch is unique because the hues and tones of rosewood vary considerably from darker chocolate brown to a lighter reddish brown, with darker contrasting streaks.<br><br>It features a stainless steel buckle that lends the watch more robustness. The double fold clasp lets you adjust the length of the watch as per your comfort level – it isn’t too tight or overly loose. The dial is made of tempered glass and is totally scratch-proof – it features a clear display with a date window. Always get the correct time thanks to Japanese Quartz movement. Please don’t submerge the watch in water for long as the material is 100% natural wood, so the texture could be affected even though it is water resistant.<br><br>Wooden watches pave the way for a more eco-friendly future, so not only do you get to flaunt your amazing choice in fashion, but you also get to protect the environment from further damage.<br><br>You can get a custom engraving at the back of the watch and gift it to a friend, sibling, cousin, special someone, and so on. Buy now!<br><br>Dimensions &amp; Materials<br><br>Wood Frame: 5.5 cm, 2.16 in<br>Glass Face: 3.7 cm, 1.45 in<br>Frame Thickness: 1.15 cm, 0.45 in<br>Band Width: 2.5 cm, 0.98 in<br>Frame Material: Rose Wood<br>Band Material: Rose Wood<br>Tempered Glass, scratch proof</p> <p>Includes free band adjustment tool.</p> <p>Shipping: 5-10 days, if requesting engraving please allow up to 3 days of extra processing time.</p>" data-price="" data-currency="USD">