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    Perfect! Better than AirPods ! Will be ordering more


    3rd batch of orders from this seller and while the previous units were working two units from this batch were not. Seller responds timely and I've received a replacement left earbud for one of the units. Disappointingly found another left earbud from a different unit that's not charging at all today. Description is accurate but what is not mentioned in the description is that the battery level of the charging box is inaccurate (all units say 68% on popup window despite being fully charged), there are units that come with a right dominant earbud, some with a left dominant earbud (LEDs will flash on dominant earbud when it's ready to pair to your phone.) This dominant earbud controls the volume level increase. So there are units where you tap on the right earbud to increase the volume while others you tap the left earbud. Overall I really like these earbuds but just wish the quality control was better.


    Great price everything works! I recommend


    They definitely work and for the price I can’t really complain. They don’t automatically pause when you take them out of your ear but they do connect automatically when taken out of the case. The sound quality is good, however they do randomly pause and the touch controls are a little wonky. But overall, for the price, I’m happy with my purchase


    I contacted the seller regarding issues I was having with the earphones but did not receive a response. They connect via BlueTooth intermittently and we cannot figure out what is wrong with them.

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