Baby Expedition Stroller Wagon



Designed for utility, safety, and style, the Expedition® 2-in-1 Stroller Wagon is for the family that loves outdoor activities and discoveries.

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Get Ready for your outdoor adventure in the Award Winning, Baby Expedition® 2-in-1 Stroller Wagon!


✔ SPACIOUS: The super large cargo space with built-in seating and two 3-point safety harness belts allows kids to safely explore.

✔ STORAGE SOLUTIONS:  Parents will also love the Ultimate Storage Solutions, which includes parent and child trays with 2 cup holders, a center console, and 2 additional cup holders outside of the wagon.

✔ SAFETY: The extra-large ratcheting canopy with UPF 50+ protection and air-flow mosquito netting keeps your little ones away from the harmful sun rays and rain. 

✔ TREND SETTING: Recipient of the prestigious JPMA INNOVATION AWARD ensures you will be the envy of the neighborhood, as you will be one of the first to enjoy one of the most creative strollers on the market.


Creative Design: The Product Development and Manufacturing Team made the extra effort when they designed this stroller ensuring it met a parent's every need. The super large Cargo Space with Built-in Seating for 2, includes a 3-point safety harness belt. It's comfortable, roomy, and sturdy. Equipped with a child's tray, cup holders, and a center console you will always have space to conveniently store the items you need to care for your little ones.


Removable center console with snack storage and cup holders


Parent Storage Console for your Strolling Essentials


Outer Storage Pockets to hold Your Drinks


Additional Protection: Regardless of the outside ailments, your little one will be secured when deploying the extra-large ratcheting canopy with UPF 50+ protection and air-flow mosquito netting.


Multi-Functional: The innovative patented Hideaway Pull Handle easily allows the Expedition Wagon Plus to Transform From "Push" to "Pull" Mode in a matter of seconds!

Pull Handle

Push Mode

Pull Mode

The Universal car seat adapter offers easy installation and removal with easy snap on and off!

Sale Price $239.99 $349.99 -  $399.99
Parental Handle Material Foam Foam
Tires EVA (rubber) EVA (rubber)
Hidden pull Handle
Child Tray w/cup holders and center console
Parent Storage
Canopy side Mesh Windows
Detachable Storage Basket
One-step linked brakes


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Customer Reviews

Based on 91 reviews
Lacey LaPoint
Pros and cons

This is one of my favorite purchases. I gave it 5 stars even though there are a couple things I dislike.Pros- compacts down nice and easy, maneuvers through aisles at the grocery stores (if you like to walk like me), BUG NETS!!!, ability to switch from stroller to wagon in 2 seconds flat, big wheels, drink holders and much more.Now we are going to get into the cons. I would have liked to be able to choose which accessory came with it since it came with the car seat attachment and I have absolutely no use for it and never will. There were a couple of the other attachments that you can purchase separately that I would get use out of (which I do plan on purchasing in the future). Maybe a little wider of a wheel and the wheels be air filled instead of the rubber foam kind. You do tend to get resistance going on the trails that are gravel and dirt plus the rocks and pebbles get stuck in the tires.Even though I do have things I would like to be different, doesn't change how great this combo is. I actually liked it so much, I bought one for my bestie.

I wanted to love this...

I really wanted to love this wagon. The reviews are great and ibdid my research but this isn't the one for us. I bought this for any uses but one main reason was bc we were going on vacation and needed a wagon for our kiddo (10 months & 6). This fit all the specs and all terrain! So I thought. This thing does not do well in sand what so ever. Mt husband d has to push and I pull in order for it to move with any sort of ease in the sand. This disappointed me bc I loved this wagon before we attempted that. I needed this to be all terrain like the description says but it's not.

Paula RPaula R
A mother’s dream!

I love it! Can’t wait for vacation now❤️ Lots of room for storage and plenty of space for baby or babys!

Fantastic!..with some added thoughts.

Debated for a long while about purchasing one of these. I knew I wanted to go with Baby Trend (after much research and testing other brands) and I was super ecstatic when I saw the Expedition Plus on sale for $199. The Expedition Plus includes extra padding for seats or to use as a sleeping mat, a basket and side air vents on canopy.Setting the wagon up was super easy and quick, no tools or directions needed. The hardest part was getting it out of the box because it was well-packed.I’m using this wagon for one child, aged two, and we took a stroll last night for the first time.Here are my thoughts:CONS-I was much more excited about this than he was.-Extra seat pads are so-so. Great for the bottom if you’re using them as a sleep mat, but seem seatbelt limiting when using as a seat.-Probably should have had two canopies or extenders on each side to allow for more coverage. Even with one child, coverage from sun or rain will be iffy. I know I can purchase a separate product, but it would be nice for the company to come out with some accessories for sun, rain, winter.-Seatbelt is three-point. There is definitely enough room for a five-point, so that would have been nice as well as a way to recline seat a couple inches for sleeping kids. Not sure how well this wagon would work for two sleepy kiddos. If you have one of those kids (like mine) who wakes easily when moved and can be exceptionally grumpy, transitioning from a buckled sitting position to lying down could be tricky.-Mosquito nets..great until you need to zip them back up..then it takes a few minutes, which is fine..I think you could put them on top of canopy.-Big. Not sure this is really a con, but this might not be the best for tight spaces or busy city sidewalks.PROS-Big. My toddler needs his space. He’s a tall kid and strollers weren’t working well. Excited to be able to use this in the grocery, on trips, etc. Did purchase cooler/additional basket separately on sale; plan to purchase a wrap-around fan and possibly a sun shade extension for summer.-Great for tall people! I’m 5’11 and pushing this is super easy. I don’t kick the brakes.-Has space for two baskets (one included).-Glides with ease. Bumps aren’t a threat. Curbs might be..when in stroller mode, but we don’t have curb issues here. Turn radius is pretty great. Haven’t tried brakes yet, but heard they’re not flip-flop friendly.-Caddy is fine. I’ve never owned one before, but this one seems spacious and sturdy. I suppose others might be better insulated.-I live in a house with several steps in front and had to tote (sans child) wagon up the steps into the house (can’t leave outside because of cats and spiders-trust me on this). I used the wagon handle and it was effortless.That’s all I’ve got so far, BUT unless you find the Plus on sale, I’d stick with basic Expedition and purchase the cooler/basket accessory separately. The mats are ‘meh’ and the side vents really don’t offer anything extra. Expedition (and pricier) models include infant seat adapter.Would I purchase again? Absolutely! Wish they had these when my older two were younger.

Brian strait
Love it.

Love it ! Easy to fold. Wheels come off. Better to push than a stroller. Even put my groceries in it

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