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    Dicey’s Story

    Hello and Welcome to Dicey’s, a Fitness Accessory & Supply Shop. We are so glad you’re here.

    We’re Dicey and Charles, the founders of Dicey’s. We are based in the Great State of Ohio. We have been working in the global distribution business for more than 25 years and are elated to have an opportunity to take care of your fitness needs and wants!

    Product acquisition and supply chain management is complicated. Over the years, we couldn't help but to learned a few things about the industry and our competitors. For example, the big chains don’t charge high prices because they want lots of money, or at least that’s not the only reason.


    They do it because they are inefficient. After manufacturing an item, it travels through several distribution channels, and middlemen, before making it to the retailer’s shelf. Additionally, retailers must acquire a surplus of items just to make sure they have the inventory on-hand when the customer is ready to purchase it. Each stop along the way adds to the cost of the item; every middlemen that’s involved in the supply chain add to the cost of the item; the expenses to support the warehouse, retail store, and labor add to the cost of the item; I could continue with some additional expenses that add to the cost of item, but I will spare you. The point is, it is expensive to cover the logistical cost associated with retail sales. To recoup these expenses, retailers are forced to charge you 50-60 percent of the cost of the product.   

    This is where we are different. At Dicey’s we ship directly to you. Our unique relationship with our manufacturing partners allows us to completely cut out the middleman and minimize the transportation expense. And that’s good because we pass those savings onto you. The following diagram depicts Dicey’s order fulfillment channel:    


    We are a Fitness Accessory & Supply Retailer dedicated to providing the latest trending products at the best prices. We believe you are unique, and your need for Fitness helps define you – Our goal is to Complement Your Fitness Drive by supplying the products you need at the best prices in the Market. We believe it Shouldn’t Be Expensive to get and stay FIT!

    Our manufacturing partners go through a strenuous approval process to ensure we can provide you the best quality products without the additional markups. Although our primary suppliers are based in the United States, we will occasionally source globally.

    Dicey and I understand the uncertainty associated with buying online. To address that uncertainty, we offer the following:

    1. Full 90-Day Money Back Guarantee. If your not completely satisfied with you purchase, simply return it for a full refund. For details Read our Refund Policy.
    1. Free Shipping on all orders. For more details please read our Shipping Policy. 
    1. Complete security. Our website is completely secured and your personal information will not be shared. For details read our Privacy Policy
    1. We will give back. A percentage of all revenue is donated to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF).
    Find what you love. We will deliver it to your home.
    We like to keep things simple. But you probably already figured that out.