Hot Mom - Bluetooth Electric Baby Rocker

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Although your baby may disagree, it’s not practical to think you’ll be able to hold your newborn all day long. At some point you’ll need a shower, a meal or just a quick break especially after experiencing those 3 am wake-up calls.

That’s where the Hot Mom Baby Bouncer comes in. Parents love it for providing a safe place for their babies to play or relax while they get other things done, and babies love them because they’re comfy and soothing. Most parents choose to add a baby bouncer to their baby registry—and are really, really happy they did.

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Your baby will love being entertained, and You'll love having a moment to Yourself!


 DESIGNED TO SOOTHE: Some babies only nap when rocked or held – which is downright exhausting for sleep-deprived moms and dads. Do what astute parents have been doing... Let the Hot Mom Rocker do the work and regain that much-needed sleep.

EMULATES PARENTS'NATURAL SIDE-TO-SIDE SWAY: Equipped with a 5 Level Range of Motion and 3 distinct Modes - Sleep Mode, Play Mode, & Milk Drinking Mode - our rocking Chair can be adjusted to fit your baby's changing needs.

 ADJUSTABLE ANGLE & TIMING: Comfort your baby by easily adjusting the angles on your Rocker. Additionally, the 8/15/30 minutes timing adjustment can run and stop at your convenience leaving you worry-free and effectively saving your time and energy.

 SOOTHING MUSIC: The rocking chair can easily connect to your mobile phone and play the music your baby likes. As most parents know, pleasant music is helpful to your baby’s physical and mental health.

Best Rocker for Infant


Safety First: Equipped with an advanced 3-Point Safety Belt, The baby swing can firmly secure your baby, prevent falls, and ensure your baby's safety at all times.

Easy Installation: The lightweight and portable rocking chair will be up and running in 3 easy steps. Simple and convenient, suitable for all mothers to use.

Machine-Washable: The soft and breathable, 100% cotton seat cushion is not only removable but also machine washable making clean-up so much easier. 

Beautiful Design

This gorgeous bouncer looks more like modern furniture than baby gear. It comes in soft neutrals and has a sleek design meant to fit in with your decor for years to come.

100% Cotton

Made with 100% Pure Cotton provides breathability, comfort and long-lasting durability. Your baby will love the way this material feels.

Endorsed By Dr. Harris

The Hot Mom Rocker can be a valuable asset to parents needing help soothing a fussy baby or a putting them in safe place while they catch up on housework.

When newborns get cranky or difficult to calm, replicating the environment of the womb can be especially helpful. A swinging motion may help mimic the "jiggly" sensation of being inside mom's tummy.

As parents, you can set your baby down, safely secure them into place, then let the swing do the heavy lifting.

It is okay for your baby to catch a quick snooze in the swing during the day. But be sure to make it a supervised catnap. Ideally, if your baby falls asleep in the swing, you'll move them to a firm sleeping surface as soon as possible.

- Dr. Bolden Harris

So When You Need a Second Set of Arms to get through the Day

Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
Very comfortable!

It is comfortable, easy and simple in using! I like it!

Cody Runte

This has been a great asset for our house. Highly recommend

Brandy Lynch

Worth the money! It is incredibly compact and my infant daughter loves this swing!

Lorine Ferry

Can't believe how awesome this is for the price our 2 month old fell asleep after 3 minutes this seat os my new best friend.

Hassie Rowe

Bought as an gift for my nephew. My brother and sister in law loved it!!!

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