Baby UFO Stroller Cooling Fan



The creatively designed UFO fan can provide you and your little one with a cool feeling at any place and at any anytime. The powerful blower can be set to 1 of 4 speeds - Gentle Wind, Refreshing Wind, Strong Wind, and Natural Wind - Depending on your prefeerence.

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No More Needless Suffering!

Get the Mini Cooling Fan and Beat the Heat. It's like carrying a little Air Conditioner with You! 



Other Features

  • Can Shake Head
  • Bendable Tripod
  • Four-Speed Fan Adjustments
  • Bladeless for Safety
  • 3600 mAh | 3.5 hours battery life 

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Isai Casper

I didn't expect much when I purchased this. I just needed something, anything to cool my newborn down in this heat. The bendable legs seems perfect since I could attach it to whatever gear she was in or where we were going. But when I opened the package I was impressed larger than expected. Legs thicker/longer than expected. I turned it on and I could barely feel anything but it felt noticably cooler. Then ai clicked the button again and it was much stronger. Another click and I was blown away by strength from this battery operated device. It was really quiet too. My daughter breathes louder than the lowest setting .

Ricardo Willms

Love that you could secure this nicely to a scooter. My husband has to have one when we're vacationing as he does not walk well. He was much more comfortable in the summer Orlando heat having constant air movement. Vibrates very little, moves air nicely. Unfortunately there had to have been some envy because We parked his scooter to have a sit down meal, and when we returned someone thought they needed it more than we did. But was happy with it and will order another one before our next trip.

Thora Heaney

Mini Flexible Air Conditioner 3600mAh Chargeable Stroller Cooling Fan

Nicola Kirlin

I am so happy with my purchase of this fan that I went back to buy another and they were sold out. The tripod "arms" make it able to attach to anything. It has 4 speeds which is amazing and the highest speed works so good even on a humid day you can still feel a breeze which is a challenge with any fan. You can turn it in any direction which makes it easy to keep it blowing on my 8 month old as she moves around. I also really like that it charges and is not on batteries. I just charge it after each use so that I never have an instance of it being out of batteries.

Shawn Romaguera

Fits well on our exercise bike. Quiet at lower speed, and acceptable noise level at highest speed. Blows a lot of air for a small fan. I gave good ratings for longevity and battery life, but those remain to be determined. Came out of the box with some charge on the battery, although I then fully charged it before using it. Says "Mini fan" on fan cage, which is different than advertised, but who cares about that? Wish the nut holding the fan in position would tighten a little more securely, but it tightens enough to hold it in place.

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