CYBEX AVI Jogging Sports Running Stroller with Seat Pack in All Black

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Designed for all your future runs with your child, the CYBEX AVI jogging stroller is lightweight and streamlined for excellent running performance in urban streets and leafy parks.

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Giving you the freedom to exercise with the same passion and style that you bring to every other part of your life!


LIGHTWEIGHT: The lightweight aluminum frame and air-filled tires make each run incredibly smooth and liberating

 EXCELLENT RUNNING PERFORMANCE: Stay on track with the AVI’s lightweight aluminum frame, 20” rear wheels, and a front wheel that’s fixed for extra stability. The jogging stroller is also designed to allow a full range of motion for your stride so you can enjoy the best running experience

✔ ONE-HAND RECLINE: The reinforced backrest keeps your child comfortable and secure while the infinite recline settings let them sit back and relax

TRAVEL SYSTEM: The AVI is compatible with our award-winning CYBEX infant car seats (car seat adapters sold separately). Note: the AVI should be used at a gentle walking pace when a car seat is attached.


The rounded handlebar shape is ergonomically designed for efficient steering and can be adjusted to fit your height. It can be steered with one hand, leaving your other arm free to swing naturally for effortless running. The silicone grip is not only slip-proof, but also shock-absorbing and comfortable to hold even during longer runs.


Air-filled tires keep the ride smooth while soft rear suspension absorbs all the bumps of the road—greater freedom for you and exceptional comfort for your child,


Within seconds, the AVI can be folded into an ultra-compact package using just one hand for convenient storage in most trunks. All wheels are easily removed with no tools required, for an ultra-compact folded size of 35” x 23” x 9.8”

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Great stroller to have to allow day to day jogs with your baby

This stroller is pretty nice and easy to use. The first thing I will say about this is that it collapsible so it is pretty easy to store stroller. The next thing I will say about it is that it moves EXTREMELY smoothly. The tires do need to be air pumped and have a tube so try not to get holes. From the looks of it, the tires are pretty much just road tire style so you get that easier feel movement. You do not really hear the wheels when you move and it honestly does not take too much effort to push around as it moves pretty smoothly on the road. You also do not feel too many bumps from the road as they are road tires. It does have a brake on it which is nice when you need to slow down. It is just a simple squeeze break handle. The handle grips pretty well. The wheels have lasted for quite some time without issue. It has not really worn down very much from every day use. This really makes my niece fall asleep quickly while also enjoy a nice run with her mother. It just feels like a really calm ride when in this stroller. In terms of fitting, she fits pretty well. This is a very secure stroller. The seat belt is pretty durable. The handles provide a good solid grip making it hard to slip your of your hand. There are locking mechanism on the wheel as well when you want to stop the stroller from moving. The stroller can handle a good amount of weight and that fabric is actually pretty tough but protective. It does a good job keeping the stroller cool. The cover can cover from the sun pretty well while also giving you the option of pulling the cover back. It is pretty good against the wind as well not being flipped inside out or anything. The padding is pretty absorbent in case of accidents or sweating. It is removable so you can easily clean it as needed. The down side of black is that the fabric will tend to fade overtime especially if you are walking in the sun with it quite often. It is easy storage as well as you are able to collapse the stroller. That being said, it is not the lightest stroller but it is doable to lift and carry into your car if needed. I would say it still is a bit big even though you are able to collapse. Regardless, you can also fit inside the closet pretty well. It will fit in most trunks from what I can tell. There are not additional accessories with this unfortunately like cup holders or any kind of holder. It does come with a wrist strap so if you lose your grip you still attached to the stroller to stop it. The seat belt straps are secure but easy to adjust. It was not much assembly on my end it other than needing to adjust the tires slightly. The wheels look pretty sturdy and will not wear down very easily. It also seems to take road pretty well. The chair is a bit sweat absorbent my niece really sweats a lot and when you take her off you can see her back sweat stain on the chair. It is pretty easy to clean and the part can be removed and washed (follow instructions on how to remove to avoid breaking anything). From what I can tell it is machine washable but use your best judgement. Overall I think this stroller is really nice for exercising with your child. It provides a nice smooth ride and can really put your child to sleep quickly while keeping them cool and safe. It does have a bottom basket that you can use to store stuff and it can handle a good amount of weight. It also has a very nice break and security strap in case you lose grip on the stroller.

Sean McGill
Fold It, Load It, Run with It.

Wow, the extra large wheels responded like i was hoping for. This is an excellent light and plush jogging stroller. The large wheels make smooth rides over bumpy terrain. The large canopy blocks the sun from most angles and doesn't hinder child's view. Folds easy and great tires!Trust you found this review honest and helpful:-)

Sleek design and easy transport, awesome for running!

This stroller is the definitive jogging stroller that is easy to assemble, navigate and thoroughly enjoy for many years. Our nephew is just 18 months so we love that he will be able to get good use out of this. The design is sleek and suspension smooth; there is a trail along the back of the house that sees a lot of my sister and nephew. Taking it to the trail and getting it back home is effortless and the one-handed operation makes it easy to get out and about with a toddler. There is also storage space. For the price though, it should come with cup holders and the other features that are normal on regular strollers, but it does provide good protection from the sun. It is a comfortable ride for my nephew and the family really likes it. It is a high end stroller that is otherwise worth the price given the amount of time you are able to use it.

Taylor Hindermann

Great for our niece. She absolutely loved it and good quality

Quality Jogging Stroller

My husband and I are having our first baby in a few months and one thing I said I really wanted for afterwards was a jogging stroller, so when this became available, I was excited to give it a try!It took him about 30 minutes to unpackage everything and put it together, everything was there and in good condition so didn’t run into any issues. The only “hiccup” he had building it was when trying to snap the frame of the stroller in place, it tells you to just pull and click basically, and we kept trying and trying, and it would not click into place. Finally he just went for it and pull it really hard and it clicked into place. Then he was able to unclick and click again a little bit easier, so it may just need to be broken in.It’s very smooth to operate and the brakes work great! Easy to adjust and turn, and the baby should be strapped in securely with no problems. The stroller itself folds up easily and doesn’t take up much space when collapsed so easy to store or take with you somewhere. In the photos you can see our 8 pound Chihuahua sitting in it. Plenty of space for a baby. Overall this is a very nice jogging stroller and would be great for any mom or to gift just about anyone! Very satisfied!

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